Shadow Ballads & gamelan/kroncong at Cornell

In addition to the big Shadow Ballads production in beautiful Barnes Hall, Cornell University Gamelan Ensemble invited us to perform with them, demonstrating how elements of traditional and popular repertoire move from gamelan to kroncong and back.

Watch a video highlight reel from our performance, edited from the full-length production by Finger Lakes Recording.

First tour show — Wake Forest

Debut at the Modlin Center

A thrilling debut in Rumput's home town!

Working through the rep

The full crew is together working out the kinks in the repertoire. At every turn we're amazed at the resonances between Indonesian and Appalachian cultures. Can't wait to share it!

Crankie in progress

Anna and Elizabeth designed and painted the crankie for Shadow Ballads, based on a narrative adapted from The Ramayana in collaboration with Danis, Gusti, and Peni.

Additional stencils designed and fabricated by Jenny and Gusti.

One repertoire, many genres

At a band party, Danis and Peni perform captivating Javanese gamelan versions of a couple of the songs from our kroncong repertoire.

Radio preview

Catch us on WRIR 97.3 FM Wednesday April 13 @ 3pm for a taste of what's to come — at least the audible portion. Listen locally or stream online.


Here's a permalink to a podcast of the radio show. If you absolutely can't wait for your Shadow Ballads sneak-pique, skip ahead to about the 1-hour mark. But you shouldn't, because you'll miss some gorgeous afro-pop.

Rumput & Shadow Ballads in the Times-Dispatch

Nice write-up with photos and video.

Preview at Maggie Walker Governor's School

Today we presented for the students of MWGS a taste of some of the elements that will go into the touring production. Not the final repertoire (that's still in development), but a sampler of the different traditions that will be melded into a unique new hybrid.

That blur in the middle is Anna Roberts-Gevalt flat-footing to Old Kimball.

Crankie workshop with Andy & Jess at the NRC

Andy and Jess visited the Neighborhood Resource Center of Fulton Hill to give a demonstration of their overhead-projected crankie for Walang Kekek, with an introduction to the techniques and materials involved.

Collaborators convening

Master musician and puppeteer Gusti Sudarta began his latest Richmond residency in mid-March. He has been working with Gamelan Raga Kusuma (which he co-founded in 2007 along with director Andrew McGraw) as well as Rumput and various local community organizations.

Peni Candrarini and Danis Sugiyanto are making their way from Java.

Anna & Elizabeth shoe-horned in a 2-day workshop visit amid their tour and research travel. They begin their full-time residency April 5. Our first sneak-peek workshop is the very next day.

All have carried on a sustained wool-gathering collaboration over the past year via short-term residencies, workshops, and Skype sessions. The implementation phase is imminent. Now we find out what intensive collaboration is really about.